This Is Africa

18 Jan

Team Canada safely arrived in Cape Town a few days ago on an early 6 AM flight. After taking a shuttle bus down the highway the team was already witness to the extreme wealth disparities in the country. Passing by townships, middle class housing and eventually mansions, our earliest exposure to Cape Town was revealing. Since then we have been prepping cases and have had practice rounds against Mexico and Thailand, with one planned against Hong Kong tonight. The teams here are all incredibly excited about the competition, but not so much about the hotel. Team Australia and Greece have already found alternative accommodation after having a close encounter with cockroaches.

Because the AC in the boys room does not work the temperature is about 30 degrees (and 45 in the bathroom). Also, because the hotel only promised a certain number of beds (and not rooms) they have squished three beds into a two bed room! The girls are a little better off with more space than the boys, but all of it has quickly been consumed by about 6 suitcases.

The team had an excellent dinner by the waterfront a few nights ago where both Nick’s had a kilogram of seafood each for just over $10. They also found an outdoor ‘gym’ (with pull-up bars and such) which was very neat. The team has also taken a liking to the pool deck where everyone gets their tan on.

Stay tuned for a Team Canada Warm Up video (version 2.0)!


Cheers from Africa!

Team Baby!

13 Jan

After another very productive day of training in Calgary we have designated a team baby. Her name is Carlos (à la Hangover) and likes watching us debate for the most part (we know when she disapproves of our cases).


13 Jan

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Pornography, Dictators, and the Judiciary

8 Jan

This past week has involved a lot of case prep, practice debates, and even dance. Team Canada has been hard at work prepping the various prepared motions for WSDC 2012 – which is less than 10 days away! We got together for a Skype practice round on the pornography topic, and were also busy making 4th, 5th, and 6th drafts of cases. In Vancouver, we were lucky enough to have access to some wonderful Team Canada alumni – who proved to be incredibly useful in a very productive Friday. Working from 10 am until 7 pm – an exhausting day working through all the cases was only interrupted by Official Team Canada Dance Breaks (Debi and I [Nik] can tell you all about it).

We are getting very excited to finally all be together starting on Tuesday when we meet in Calgary for pre-Worlds Training!

The Journey Begins

1 Jan

In less than two weeks, Team Canada will begin its journey to the 2012 World Schools Debate Championship in Cape Town, South Africa! It all begins with training camp in Calgary in 9 days. You can read about the team’s members on the ‘bios’ page, and the motions along with our pairings can be found below.

Round 1 – Impromptu
Canada vs. USA

Round 2 – This house believes that newly democratized Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections
Peru vs. Canada

Round 3 – Impromptu
Scotland vs. Canada

Round 4 – This house believes that developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration
Canada vs. Argentina

Round 5 – Impromptu
Canada vs. Pakistan

Round 6 – This house believes that the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography
Slovakia vs. Canada

Round 7 – Impromptu
Zimbabwe vs. Canada

Round 8 – This house believes that states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights
Canada vs. Singapore